Graciously in Love

Valentine’s Day…Saint Valentine’s Day…the Feast of Saint Valentine—a day that has morphed and melted through the many decades to become what it is today. A day in the name of love, romance, and affection. A day filled with flowers, candies, and cards. A day that for some reason we pressure ourselves in to finding a date, all in fear of being single, miserable, and alone. A day adorned with pseudo-love-filled heart-shaped boxes of cheap chocolates, shitty carnations, and cards that read, “I love you!” A day saturated in commercialism, peer pressure, and perhaps a touch of self-loathing for those of us who are single. A day that reads a tad ironically when you consider the materialism involved in it’s celebration.

Fuck Valentine’s Day, fuck love, fuck romance, fuck dinner reservations for parties of two! Why would anyone want to be part of such an atrocious holiday—I mean, can we even consider it a holiday? Love…my ass! Sounds like a capitalist country’s attempt to drive big businesses. (Come on, I know what you conspiracists were thinking.) Valentine’s Day is a day for insecure lovers who need their relationship to be validated—WAIT!

What if we’ve been looking at it all wrong? What if Valentine’s Day wasn’t a day limited to two people romantically involved? What if Valentine’s Day was a day to show your gratitude for someone you love, a friend, a neighbor, a roommate, a brother, a sister, a barista (obviously I visit Intelligentsia too much), a mom, a dad, or of course, a significant other? What if Valentine’s Day was the Thanksgiving of love?

February fourteenth isn’t a day that I seek for my own vanity of being romanced and catered to because I am sooo in love, it’s quite the opposite. I LOVE Valentine’s Day because it gives me the uninhibited freedom to be as wildly sappy and romantic as I please. It’s a day for me to make those I love feel appreciated and spoiled by scavenger hunts, silly poems and trinkets, and plenty of hugs and kisses. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day limited to two people in love, it should be a day celebrating everyone you love and everyone who loves you! Of course, the candies, love song singing frogs, and the nauseating amount of flowers are part of the fun, but we shouldn’t get lost in their “importance.”

Valentine’s Day is a day to love. It’s a day to celebrate love—create it, cultivate it, and scream with it. It isn’t a day for diamond rings, expensive dinners, and ridiculous gifts, it’s a day for us to say thank you to everyone for loving us and all of our quirky imperfections. February Fourteenth is a day to ooze with gratitude for all of those who love you and everyone you love.

So it is in gratitude that I say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Thank you everyone for showing me your love and support, you mean the world to me and I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with as many love-filled heart-shaped boxes of chocolates your stomach can handle and all of the fresh-picked flowers and love song singing frogs you can sanely withstand! Happy Valentine’s Day.