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Conch Shell Confessionals is my tell-all (minus some) tale of being lost looking for love. With my self-proclaimed (and running attempt to deny) daddy-issues, I am just your average girl with a bit of a bite and, I suppose, one too many thoughts (or fantasies) running through my brain.

I have said, "I love you" without really understanding it; puked out of a moving vehicle on a second date (in my defense, I told him I was going to hurl); table-danced my way through heartbreak in Colombia (yeah, the country); and buzzed my way through online dating. And finally after all of that, I am in real he's the one kind of love. Does this make me look fat? Whatever, I'm fat in love!

So, I am ready to share my horrendously enlightening experiences with the world, a.k.a. all of my single (or miserably coupled-off) ladies (and gentlemen...if you're in to this kind of thing). I'm not a doctor but I've dated one so I'm sure that qualifies me to advise you on the matter of millennial dating.  

Is there anything more painful than self-discovery? Dax Marie’s new memoir, Conch Shell Confessionals, manages to be both sexy and skin-crawlingly awkward.
— Foreword Reviews
This book is better than sex—
WAIT—am I going to get in trouble for this?!
— My Boyfriend
I used to like it in the butt,
but now I just like it in the book.
— Some Chick Somewhere