It all started when...

I was five or so, the man that I would otherwise call my father gave me my issues. What's the medical terminology for that? Oh, Daddy Issues!

For nearly the whole of my life I have tried to deny this grave medical condition and up until about seven years ago, I was doing alright. By no means was I swimming through the world with ease, but I did like a'ight (that's hood talk for alright).

It was not until sometime in high school when I discovered my self-diagnosed condition. Sigmund Freud (you may have heard of him, he's like a coke-head genius) told me (in a text book) that I have Penis Envy. I was absolutely flabbergasted! Me? Associated with male genitalia? I think not! So, it was then and there, my junior year of high school that I knew what I was destined for...MEN.

The journey has been perilous and long overdue

But, I have finally found me

And now I am ready to share me with you.

(Does that sound like Dr. Seuss-y?)

Oh yeah and I write, too.